Authentic German military surplus. Shop our collection of genuine German clothing, packs and bags, tools, and more. Find vintage army navy gear at Swiss Link including Flecktarn parkas and Wool Sweaters.


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German, Flecktarn, Parka, Coat, JacketGerman, Flecktarn, Parka, Coat, Jacket
German Ranger Boots | Black LeatherGerman Ranger Boots | Black Leather
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German Flecktarn Winter CapGerman Flecktarn Winter Hat
German Flecktarn Winter Cap
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German Army issue trifold shovelGerman Army issue trifold shovel
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Wool German Army Commando SweaterWool German Army Commando Sweater
Wool German Army Commando Sweater
Sale price$59.99 Regular price$79.99
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German Army Flecktarn ShirtGerman Army Flecktarn Shirt
German Army Flecktarn Shirt
Sale price$34.99
German Customs Short Sleeve Shirt | Mint GreenGerman Customs Short Sleeve Shirt | Mint Green
Save 15%
German Flecktarn Set | Sympatex Parka & BibGerman Flecktarn Set | Sympatex Parka & Bib
German Flecktarn Set | Sympatex Jacket & Bib
Sale price$80.75 Regular price$94.99
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German Army Mess KitGerman Army Mess Kit
German Army Mess Kit
Sale price$19.99
East German Rain Pattern BackpackEast German Rain Pattern Backpack
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German Army Cold Weather Jacket LinerGerman Army Cold Weather Jacket Liner
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German Cold Weather Pant Liner | Size XLGerman Cold Weather Pant Liner | Size XL
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Military Surplus Tools Axe Shovel Pick Hatchet Swiss Germangerman army folding shovel
Military Surplus Tool Kit
Sale priceFrom $99.99 Regular price$118.96
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German Army Issue Esbit StoveGerman Army Issue Esbit Stove
German Army Surgical Bandage ScissorsGerman Army Surgical Bandage Scissors
Save 31%
German Customs Dress Shirt | Women'sGerman Customs Dress Shirt | Women's
German Customs Dress Shirt | Women's
Sale price$8.99 Regular price$12.99
German Customs Long Sleeve Shirt | Mint GreenGerman Customs Long Sleeve Shirt | Mint Green
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wool scarfgerman wool scarves
German Army ACU Combat Knife Set | Brand NewGerman Army ACU Combat Knife Set | Brand New
German Duffel Bag LockGerman Duffel Bag Lock
German Army Snow Camo Backpack ReproductionGerman Army Snow Camo Backpack Reproduction
Save 15%
German Army Flecktarn Backpack ReproductionGerman Army Flecktarn Backpack Reproduction
German Army Flecktarn Backpack | Reproduction
Sale price$76.50 Regular price$89.99
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German Army Utility KnifeGerman Army Utility Knife
German Army Utility Knife
Sale price$39.99
German Customs Dress Jacket | Aquamarine 2-ButtonGerman Customs Dress Jacket | Aquamarine 2-Button
German Camo Netting Heavy-Duty Woodland | OversizedGerman Camo Netting Heavy-Duty Woodland | Oversized
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German Army Field Telephone | 1960s EraGerman Army Field Telephone | 1960s Era
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German Waterproof Hi-Vis Reflective Work GlovesGerman Waterproof Hi-Vis Reflective Work Gloves
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German Customs Vest | Navy BlueGerman Customs Vest | Navy Blue
Military Surplus Collage

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