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German Army issue trifold shovelGerman Army issue trifold shovel
Austrian O.D. Shovel CoverAustrian O.D. Shovel Cover
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Austrian Military Issue Folding ShovelAustrian Military Issue Folding Shovel
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Swiss Folding Shovel Reproduction | Original CoverSwiss Folding Shovel Reproduction | Original Cover
Shovel U.S. Style Trifold NewShovel U.S. Style Trifold New
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Yugoslavian Mess Kit with KFS UsedYugoslavian Mess Kit with KFS Used
Yugoslavian Mess Kit with KFS Used
Sale priceFrom $7.99 Regular price$19.99
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Camping AxeCamping Axe
Camping Axe
Sale price$13.95
AceCamp Folding Hand SawAceCamp Folding Hand Saw
AceCamp Folding Hand Saw
Sale price$13.99
Pocket Wire SawPocket Wire Saw
Pocket Wire Saw
Sale price$8.99
Folding Shovel with PickFolding Shovel with Pick
Folding Shovel with Pick
Sale price$15.99
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DMOS 33" Aluminum Two Piece Beach ShovelDMOS 33" Aluminum Two Piece Beach Shovel
Military Surplus Collage

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